Ruben Alvarado

Board Director
Local Government

City of Pasco

Ruben Alvarado is passionate about Community Development and has built his experience around service, working specifically in Economic Mobility, Homeownership, Community Impact and as a minister. Since moving to Pasco, he has sought opportunities to serve the community. He has been part of various committees and served the as Planning commissioner for the city of Pasco. He lives and works in the Tierra Vida community developed by C.A.S.A. LLC as its Community Impact Manager. Recently, Ruben was elected to the Pasco City Council. He represents the communities of District 2 (south east Pasco). In addition, he also serves on the Benton/Franklin/Walla Walla Good Roads association’s board of directors and on the Policy Advisory Committee for Benton-Franklin Council of Governments.

Ruben holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Urban and Regional Planning from Cal Poly Pomona as well as certificates in Architecture from East Los Angeles College. He enjoys gardening, bicycling, playing music and building memories with his wife Evelyn.