Eric Nilson

Board Member
Public Safety

EMS Officer
Kennewick Fire Department

Eric is the EMS Officer for the Kennewick Fire Department, where he has served the community since January 1995; starting as a firefighter and progressing through the ranks to fire captain; to his current position overseeing the all EMS operations. His current position manages everything from daily logistical operations for primary 911 ambulance responses, CQI, managing supplies, medications, and other assets required to keep the progressive operations of the Kennewick Fire Department at peak performance. He is also responsible for numerous other programs including; Respiratory Protection Officer for fire and EMS operations, Coordinator of (OTEP) ongoing training for all levels of EMS in Benton/Franklin Counties, the Regional Lead for the Image Trend RMS project for five area departments, and Information Technology liaison between KFD and the City of Kennewick’s IT department. He currently serves as the Local EMS Council Chair, DMCC committee chair, member of the Protocol Committee, and is heavily involved in Alliance Consistent Cares and the development of a community paramedicine program for KFD.

In addition to his work at KFD, he coordinated the paramedic school in Columbia Basin College from 2000 – 2012. Through his work at CBC and KFD, he has developed a network of working relationships in the Mid-Columbia that spans fire chiefs to hospital administrators and EMT’s to EMS Officers. His vision for what EMS in the Tri-Cities can be is always adjusting and growing to account for the ever changing health-care industry. Eric is a firm believer that a community paramedicine program that is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of all cities within the Mid-Columbia is the next step in providing for safe and secure living environments for all citizens in the Mid-Columbia.