Sharon Brown

Executive Director

Phone: 509-567-5583

Greater Columbia Accountable Community of Health

A skilled strategist and coalition builder, Sharon received her Juris Doctor degree from the University of New Hampshire School of Law, and was elected to the Kennewick City Council in 2009.  She was appointed to fill the Senate seat in 2013, and was chosen by her colleagues to serve as Vice President Pro Tempore of the Senate in 2014. She has worked tirelessly to address behavioral health needs in youth (Youth Behavioral Health Protection Act, Senate Bill 5779), sponsored Senate Bill 6514, a measure that promotes a comprehensive approach to suicide prevention and behavioral health at our higher-education institutions, and expanded the activities of the children’s mental-health services consultation program through Senate Bill 6452.  As one of the budget writers for the state’s budget, Sharon is familiar with our regional needs and builds budgets for sustainability.  She has also been a strong advocate for training and workforce.