June 26, 2018

Yakama Nation Treaty Days

This year marks the 163rd anniversary of the signing of the treaty that formed the Yakama Nation Tribe. GCACH’s Community and Tribal Engagement Specialist, Rubén Peralta, had the honor of representing GCACH at the Yakama Nation’s Treaty Days celebration.
Rubén set up an informational booth at the celebration to spread the word about what GCACH is working to accomplish in our region. He passed out bilingual brochures, bubbles and other fun promotional items to generate awareness of Greater Columbia ACH.

The celebration marks the anniversary of the 1855 Treaty in
which the Yakama Nation ceded over 12 million acres to the federal government in exchange for education, healthcare, and other services. Tribal leaders reserved the right to fish, hunt and gather all
of the tribe's traditional foods on the reservation as well as the ceded area. The term “reservation” within the context of indigenous people of the United States comes from the land and rights they reserved to themselves after ceding millions of acres.