May 12, 2022

Washington Integrated Care Assessment (WA-ICA)

GCACH sent out Friday, April 29th the first communication announcing: Cohort 1 of the Washington Integrated care Assessment (WA-ICA). Please note, for the Greater Columbia Region this will be represented by Cohort 2 Behavioral Health Organizations.

This invitation via email is to participate in the ongoing effort in Washington State to advance integration and improve whole person care and patient outcomes by participating in Cohort 1 of the Washington Integrated Care Assessment (WA-ICA).  This means this Cohort will be among the first practices and providers in our state to use and submit the new WA-ICA, gaining valuable insight into the current state of integration in their practice.

The Integrated Care Assessment was developed in response to previously disjointed efforts to promote and measure integrated care across the state. The WA-ICA is intended to minimize duplication for payers and providers, streamline data collection, and optimize quality improvement opportunities related to integration. The new assessment tool will replace the Maine Health Access Foundation (MeHAF) assessment and various others used by Accountable Communities of Health (ACH) and Managed Care Organizations (MCO). The Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA), all ACHs and MCOs throughout the state are enthusiastic about this transition and its potential to contribute to the future vision for integrated care in Washington. As a part of WA-ICA Cohort 1, GCACH Cohort 2 will have the opportunity to contribute your expertise, learnings, and insights throughout the process.

Primary Care and behavioral health practices have similar but separate assessment tools specifically designed for your practice setting. You can review the new WA-ICA tool for behavioral health sites here. If you feel this version of the tool isn’t the right one for your practice type, please reach out to

To set practices up for a smooth transition process, there are ample opportunities to learn about completing the new assessment tool before the reporting period opens in mid-July. Over the next several weeks GCACH will be sending GCACH Cohort 2 the link to a new website that will have all the materials they need to support the implementation of the new tool, including implementation guides, tutorial videos, and an FAQ. For those organizations in GCACH Cohort 2 and extending your contract to the end of the year and/or have not already completed your Program Year 3: 2021-2022 assessment this will achieve the funding for the yearly Assessment Milestone. 

Stay tuned for more information coming in May. Here is an overview of our implementation timeline, including key dates:

 We are looking forward to the shared learning to come!
The following organizations support the Washington Integrated Care Assessment (WA-ICA): the Health Care Authority; the five MCOs that provide Apple Health coverage – Amerigroup Washington, Community Health Plan of Washington, Coordinated Care, Molina Health Care, UnitedHealthcare; and the nine Accountable Communities of Health - Better Health Together, Cascade Pacific Action Alliance, Elevate Health, Greater Columbia ACH, HealthierHere, North Central ACH, North Sound ACH, Olympic Community of Health, and Southwest ACH.