June 22, 2018

WAFE Portal Registration & Payments- June 2018

Payments continue to roll out bi-weekly within the WAFE Portal! The stipend amount is based on the following: submission of LOI, registration within the WAFE Portal, participation as a project facilitator, and participation as a GCACH board member. 44 organizations have been paid, releasing a total of $144,000. The next payment date is June 29th.  Depending on Board approvals, June 29th payment may include payment for completing the Current State Assessment. More categories and efforts are being discussed for future engagement payments.

Providers Yet to Register

There are 18 providers that still need to register in the WAFE portal. Kylee and Diane have been working hard to contact the remaining providers, and understand some work is being completed on the back end to update information. If you need additional assistance, please contact Diane Halo (dhalo@gcach.org) or Kylee Spence (kspence@gcach.org).

Instructions to Register

To register in the portal, follow the instructions listed below:

• Go to: https://wafinancialexecutor.com/

• Select the Register Provider tab

• Enter in your email address and your entity’s EIN (This email and EIN must match what was provided on your LOI)

• A confirmation code should be sent to your email address

• Type that confirmation code into the box and select Submit

• Now you will be brought to set password then to the login page

• On the login page enter in your credentials

To view the recorded training, click the following link: https://pcgus.webex.com/pcgus/ldr.php?RCID=ef80c2e8cbf452e78a18af993f51cb96