June 9, 2021

June Leadership Council -- Community Paramedics and CHWs

Consider this for a moment: 

Community Paramedics visiting diabetes patients to check vital signs and make referrals, or Community Health Workers (CHWs) assigned to teams in medical homes and accountable care organizations to educate overweight patients on healthy eating and exercise habits.

These may not be the roles that Paramedics or CHWs have traditionally performed, but with new incentives created by population-based payment methods, providers are increasingly looking at ways that community-based practitioners can provide basic health services to their patients.

For the June Leadership Council, we have invited a variety of participants to speak to their Paramedicine and Community Health Worker programs. This will help provide insight into how we can further promote these activities in the Greater Columbia region. 

Please join us Thursday, June 17th from 9-11:30am. Leadership Council meetings are free to attend and open to the public. Register on Zoom below (don't forget to add it to your calendar)!

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