August 28, 2018

September Behavioral Health IMC Update

The GCACH Team has met with 14 of the 17 Behavioral Health Providers to the complete the MeHAF and the Billing/IT Toolkit Self-Assessment Surveys. GCACH is sending out the contracts for the Behavioral Health Providers. Once they are signed and returned we can start processing payments for those Behavioral Health Providers that have completed their deliverables.
The Provider Readiness Workgroup meeting on August 23, 2018 was a success with over 75 people in attendance! Amerigroup, Molina, Coordinated Care, and Community Health Plan of Washington (CHCW) were in attendance to meet with the Behavioral Health Providers in person. The provider meeting on September 6, 2018 will include a presentation from HCA’s Non-Emergent Transportation Team. There will also be another meeting on September 20, 2018, where attendees will listen to a presentation from HCA’s Interpreter Services Team. 

The Integrated Managed Care (IMC) Communications Workgroup will meet on September 11, 2018.  The goal for the meeting is to finalize some documents that will be sent in for translation to Spanish.  These documents will be sent to the consumers in the next coming months informing them of the changes to their plans. The providers will be able to have them in their offices for their clients as well.

The Early Warning System (EWS) Workgroup will meet on September 11, 2018.  At this meeting attendees will be discussing the indicators for the Greater Columbia Region when IMC is implemented.