August 3, 2018

Semi-Annual Report (SAR)

Two times per year, ACHs seeking payment under the demonstration are required to submit reports that include the information and data necessary to evaluate ACH projects using a standardized reporting form developed by the state.  ACHs must use the document to report on their progress against the milestones and metrics described in their approved Project Plans.  Our first semi-annual report was due July 31st, and all GCACH staff pitched in to answer the 40 multi-part questions.  We also relied heavily on the project information updates from the Leadership Council meeting in June to inform the report.

The report included the following milestones:

  • Assessment of Current State Capacity
  • Strategy Development for Domain 1 Focus Areas
  • Defining Medicaid Transformation Evidence-based Approaches or Promising Practice, Strategies, and Target Populations
  • Identification of Partnering Providers
  • ACH Organization Updates on Tribal Engagement, Partnering Provider Engagement, and Community Engagement,
  • Health Equity Activities
  • Budget and Funds Flow

It took over 80 pages to report on our progress (not including attachments) because we had a lot to report on!

A big THANK YOU for everyone’s contributions.  You can access the report by clicking here, or accessing it through our website.