January 31, 2022

Practice the Pause in the News!

Since January 2021, GCACH recognized the clear need for mental health resources as we all navigate the stressors of the pandemic. Through a series of skills models created by Kira Mauseth, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist who specializes in disaster behavioral health, we introducted tools on how to take steps to improve our resilience.

  • The COPE model focuses on thoughts (thinking)
  • The CALM model focuses on actions (doing)
  • The CARE model focuses on how you want to live (being)

These three models may be used separately or together. Just like gears in any system, our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are all connected. By changing one, you can change the other two.

Using tools from these models can improve resiliency or our ability to bounce back from trauma, and improve our ability to feel control over our emotions and our lives. Toolkits are free to download and available for all ages (in both English and Spanish). Visit www.practicethepause.org or click the button below. If you'd like more information or to set up a training, please contact Brissa Perez at bperez@gcach.org. 


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