July 9, 2021

Practice Transformation Program Milestone Achievement

No matter the occasion, success deserves acknowledgement. Whether for a big promotion, a hard-earned graduation, a well-deserved retirement, or simply reaching a goal, everyone deserves a pat on the back for a job well done.

GCACH sends a heartfelt congratulation to all Cohorts for the achievements, success and milestones. Below is a chart designed for our financials by Dan Vizzini, UW financial consultant, to capture percentage of milestones paid out or “achieved”. All of the milestone achievements, which may be found in the Greater Columbia Cares Model (GCCM) toolkit, are greater than 90% and the majority 100%. 

We continued to see the barrier to workforce i.e., leadership/role change, staff turnover, recruitment challenges and site/organization buyout. 

Another consideration is the aftermath of COVID-19 pandemic and implementation of telemedicine, which led to process changes in Shared Decision Aids, Care Management, and Care Coordination. This impacted measures including: 
  • Bi-directional Integration 97%- workforce
  • Access and Continuity 98%- 24 hour access in one organization
  • Care Management 98% and Care Coordination 95%- staffing turnover and implementation of telemedicine
  • Patient and Family Engagement 96% and Shared Decision Aids 94%- mainly due to the COVID pandemic and implementing new processes to address how to develop during telemedicine visits