June 22, 2018

Practice Transformation, It Really Ties the Project Together!

Carol Moser

It has taken me a while to understand how practice transformation ties our four project areas together, because practice transformation is a process improvement initiative designed to help practices improve care delivery through changes in office systems.  Because it is in the office environment where people seek health care, those offices that provide exemplary care use evidence-based approaches.  Therefore it is the model of care delivery that ties our projects together, and GCACH is using the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model.  PCMH has been endorsed by a broad coalition of health care stakeholders, including all of the major national health plans, most of the Fortune 500 companies, consumer organizations and labor unions, the American Medical Association, and a total of 17 specialty societies. 
What does the PCMH model look like?  Team-based care, care coordination, enhanced access, the use of population health management tools like disease registriesand patients stratified by risk, communication tools that connect provider organizations, patient access to their own health records, family and consumer advisory councils, self-management supports, screening, and care that puts the patient in the center.
Success in transformation is largely linked to the adoption and performance of Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) which is the work of our Practice Transformation Navigators under the leadership of Sam Werdel.  GCACH, with assistance from OHSU, will be determining the initial list of provider organizations that will receive technical assistance for practice transformation and “move the needle” on our performance measures.
Enjoy a few thoughts from our Provider organizations regarding practice transformation.
Yakima Valley Farm Workers
The vision at YVFWC is, “The health of one person is the health
of humanity.”  We believe that Practice Transformation will help us further our progress towards our goal of the Triple AIM.  Through Practice Transformation, we hope to achieve better care and better health for our patients, improve patient and clinical team experiences, and lower the cost of care.  Our goal is to utilize training, coaching, and funding to implement both proven and promising practices to achieve the highest possible health outcomes.
Community Health of Central Washington
It has always been true that a doctor/patient visit could rarely achieve the health outcome needed by the patient and desired by the provider. Practice transformation has the potential to support the team required to achieve outcomes in primary care – the most cost effective and efficacious healthcare setting – and to align the team in an innovative whole person approach to improve well-being and reduce future health care costs. Practice transformation doesn’t only lead us to a desired future state envisioned by patients. As primary care providers, we embrace the freedom to expand the definition of care in the interest of outcomes and efficiencies. Sustaining a more comprehensive, equitable and responsive health care system is the community’s reward.