September 25, 2018

On the Road to Transformation

Jenna Shelton and Martin Sanchez

Practice Transformation has gone to a new level in the last month. Currently the Practice Transformation Navigators (PTNs) are working with Behavioral Health Agencies during the Integrated Managed Care (IMC) transition. The navigators have had the opportunity to build relationships with several Behavioral Health Agencies, conduct assessments, and distribute funding for completion of the MeHAF and Billing Toolkit Self-Assessment Survey. While spending time with Behavioral Health Agencies there is an overwhelming need for collaboration among SUD providers, primary care providers, and behavioral health providers. GCACH’s goal is to facilitate collaboration as much as possible throughout the region so that IMC transition can be achieved.

In addition to working with Behavioral Health Agencies, the Practice Transformation Navigators have begun working with the primary care practices and hospitals that were selected as priority organizations. Kick-off meetings are being held with each organization. In these meetings the Navigators explain their role, expectations, next steps, and answer any remaining questions. Following the kick-offs, the navigators meet with the leaders and champions in the organization to conduct the Patient Centered Medical Home – Assessment (PCMH-A) to collect baseline data for the organization. After the PCMH-A has been completed, a Practice Transformation Implementation Workplan (PTIW) is developed in which strengths and areas of opportunities are listed. Apart from listing strengths and opportunities, the PTIW also includes SMART Goals that are then presented to the leaders and champions of each organization. 

The Navigators have been working closely with Tri-Cities Community Health (TCCH) in other areas that will allow for smoother transition into IMC. Practice transformation navigators along with their supervisor, Sam Werdel, have been working on optimizing TCCH’s electronic health record, creating workflows for different departments and connecting them with other organizations in the Greater Columbia area.