November 5, 2018

October Leadership Council Meeting

The October 18, 2018 Leadership Council Meeting brought together all six Local Health Improvement Networks (LHINs) and 13 Community Based Organizations (CBOs). The purpose of last month’s meeting was to have LHINs report out on their activities including an update on their selection of their Social Determinant of Health (SDOH) priorities and the selection of a Third-Party Administrator (TPA). Community Based Organizations were invited as potential partners to help mitigate the effects of SDOH and were asked to set up a table and share what they do.
All LHINs have selected the TPAs that will be administering their share of the Community Health Fund and issuing the request for proposals (RFPs) for the projects to address the SDOH selected by the LHINs through consumer participation. Most have completed this consumer participation process or are in the process of completing it. Contract templates have been sent to the TPAs for review.

Many exciting things are happening throughout the GCACH region. One of which is that LHINs are increasing their membership and coalescing to define the health priorities in their communities. They are hard at work conducting consumer surveys, convening the community to create a health improvement plan, exploring innovative methods to improve population health such as the Blue Zones Project, piloting the Health Commons Project, and conducting Youth Suicide Prevention Campaigns, among others.

It’s very exciting to see how we get closer to directly impacting the SDOH that affect our population’s health thanks to the hard work of everyone involved with the Local Health Improvement Network.