February 6, 2020

National Rural Health Day

Marie Betts, MPH, Kittitas County Health Network

The National Organization of State Officers of Rural Health (NOSORH) recognized the dedication and accomplishments of many “Community Stars”, as the 9th annual National Rural Health Day was celebrated. Spreading over 45 states, individuals and organizations across the nation have been commended on their hard work to improving rural health. Among those nominated in Washington State, Kittitas County Health Network (KCHN) of Ellensburg, Washington, received an Honorable Mention.

The theme for this year was, “Plug into the Power of Rural”. As a collaborative health network in Kittitas County, this theme strongly identifies with the work of KCHN, as they facilitate and lead initiatives to improve population health. Rural counties have much to offer their communities, and the work of KCHN continues to break down silos and build strong, long-lasting relationships. While not without its barriers, being rural really is a powerful thing, as KCHN has the unique opportunity to align their work and priorities more directly with the community. By combining efforts with individuals and agencies, Kittitas County has positioned themselves to better address the needs of the population and the needs of organizations.