May 21, 2018

Lourdes Success Story

Healthcare systems are complicated, and most providers and support services are trained to work in silos within their areas of expertise.  The path to transformation of healthcare significantly disrupts the current system and all involved.  This dramatic change will only happen in organizations that have courageous and principled leadership. 

Barbara Mead from Lourdes Health stated, “When we began our work we agreed on two goals; the first was to implement the bi-directional integration of primary care and behavioral health using the collaborative care principles by June 2018.  We are on track to meet this goal at our largest primary care location. The second goal was to implement the integration of primary care at our behavioral health setting for those patients who suffer from chronic mental illness, by January 2019.  We have a significant amount of work to accomplish this second goal.”

After gaining support from senior leaders, Lourdes engaged management and staff from multiple parts of the organization (i.e. providers, nursing, billing, coding, IT, medical records, behavioral health counseling) to work on operationalizing the transformation.  Lourdes also committed time to training and site visits.  Through this process, Lourdes learned that as they embrace this transformation, they will be able to improve the quality of care to their patients.