June 23, 2022

June Learning Collaborative on Medication Management

Our organization designs Learning Collaboratives for partners participating in the GCACH Practice Transformation program. These collaboratives are intended to provide tools and best practices to assist these healthcare providers to improve their practices, lower costs of care, etc. 

The Greater Columbia Cares Model, the foundation of the program, includes a milestone specifically for medication management. On June 30th many of our partners will present on how medication management has not only been implemented successfully, but contributed to better patient outcomes.

Medication management has been a more relevant topic in the primary care setting. Where mental health has long been a spot of contention in our social discourse, a source of misunderstanding, fear, discrimination, and injustice. GCACH partnering providers are seeking to eliminate the stigma around seeking help for mental illness. Perhaps no issue is more stigmatized than medication management: simply stated, the use of medication to treat symptoms of mental illness.  

We are excited to see what they share!