October 22, 2018

Greater Columbia Scores 100% on Semi-Annual Report!

Carol Moser, Executive Director

Greater Columbia received some great news on October 2, 2018!  We completed all required milestones and the pay for reporting deliverables in our semi-annual report (SAR) for the reporting period January 1 – June 30, 2018 scoring 100% of the total achievement values with no findings.  Funding totaled a little over $11.5 million with $2.3 million coming from a match from intergovernmental transfers.  The Implementation Plan, due October 1, 2018, is worth one achievement value.  Both documents can be accessed through the GCACH website under the Resources tab.

This semi-annual report focused on strategies for Domain 1 focus areas (systems for population health management, workforce, value-based payment), an assessment of our current state capacity, defined evidence-based approaches in each of our four project areas, and identification of our partnering providers.