November 30, 2021

GCACH Accepting LOIs from EMS Providers

Greater Columbia Accountable Community of Health (GCACH) is seeking to bridge the gap of unmet health care needs through an innovative emergency medical services program, EMS Innovated, or EMSI. Modeled after the Abbeville County, South Carolina community paramedic program, and building on the principles of the PCMH model of care, the EMSI program aims to bridge the gap between unmet health care needs, high-cost care, and access to care. EMSI prepares first responders how to operate within a patient-center medical home model of care, learning the skills of population health management, data management, and sustainability.

EMS Providers can address these potential gaps. By utilizing EMS staff in an expanded role but within their current scope of practice, they can provide non-emergent, low-acuity care that is consistent with the Medical Home Model. The GCACH focus area is to reach a population of 1,000 unduplicated patients annually across the nine-counties.

There are three main goals of EMSI:

1.Strengthening the Primary Health Care Delivery System.

2.Implementing Change in Patient Outcomes and Reduced Health Care Costs

  1. Reducing Non-Emergent 911 calls
  2. Reducing Non-Emergent ED visits
  3. Reducing Inpatient Hospital Readmissions

3.Meeting Unmet Health Care Needs.

Letters of Interest requests were emailed or mailed on November 24th to ALL EMS service providers in the 9-county region.

EMS providers that are interested in participating in the EMSI program will need to submit their Letter of Interest and Questionnaire by Dec 15, 2021 to

EMS service providers selected must fall under the guidelines of RCW 35.21.930: Community assistance referral and education services program. (

The program will begin on Jan 1, 2022 and is proposed to be funded through December 31, 2024. Selection of the EMS service providers will be announced in the January Newsletter.