October 1, 2019

GCACH Welcomes its Third Cohort

Wes Luckey, Deputy Director

On September 19, the GCACH Board approved its third cohort (group) of provider organizations to undergo Practice Transformation.  GCACH sent out its Letter of Interest / Current State Assessment (LOI/CSA) at the end of July to a group of organizations that included hospitals, nursing facilities, palliative care programs, care coordination organizations, medical clinics, and a behavioral health agency.  The list of potential Practice Transformation organizations was generated through referrals from our existing partners, analysis of HCA provided data, and other sources.  Organizations responding to the LOI/CSA were reviewed by both OHSU and the GCACH Director of Practice Transformation and were scored across seven different domains: Adaptive, Collaboration, Equity, Leadership, Transparency, Value-Driven, and Volume.  Four organizations were chosen to move on with Practice Transformation:

  • Garden Village
  • Trios Health
  • Ideal Option
  • Chaplaincy Health Care

Next steps for Cohort 3 will be to arrange meetings with their corresponding Practice Transformation Navigators, initiate contracting, undergo the MeHAF and PCMH-A assessments, formulate their individual Practice Transformation Implementation Workplan (PTIW), and review the Practice Transformation Toolkit and online Reporting Platform prior to beginning Practice Transformation in the fourth quarter of 2019.  The Board also recommended allowing a “rolling” application period through the end of 2019 to allow enough time for the GCACH to make presentations to organizations unfamiliar with the Medicaid Transformation Project and PCMH model and who might want to participate in Practice Transformation.