February 6, 2020

GCACH Submits Semi-Annual Report 4.0

Wes Luckey, Deputy Director

On January 31, 2020, GCACH submitted to the Independent Assessor (IA) the fourth Semi-Annual Report (SAR), which is a requirement outlined in the Medicaid Transformation’s Special Terms and Conditions. The purpose of the SAR is to collect necessary information to evaluate Accountable Community of Health's project progress against milestones based on approved project plans and corresponding implementation plans. The IA and Washington State Health Care Authority review all SAR submissions. 
SAR requirements continue to include ongoing updates, including the GCACH’s Quality Improvement Plan, project implementation plans, participating provider roster, Pay-for-Reporting Metrics and financial plans. New for this SAR, GCACH informed the IA about support and resources we are providing our Practice Transformation partners relating to providing culturally competent care, bi-directional communication, coordinating care management and transitional care plans. There was also specific reporting tied to work being done around our individual project areas, such as addressing the opioid use crisis. This SAR also included a section regarding value-based payment relevant work and initiatives underway.
We expect to hear back from the IA by the beginning of March if there is any additional information required for the SAR 4. Otherwise we look forward to the IA’s findings by April.