October 29, 2021

GCACH Hosted Community Event on History of Exclusion in the Tri-Cities

On October 27th, Greater Columbia Accountable Community of Health (GCACH) partnered with the Mid- Columbia Libraries, and hosted the community history event “Echoes of Exclusion and Resistance, Voices from the Hanford Region.” Dr. Robert Bauman and his colleagues Robert Franklin, and Thomas Marceau led this historic discussion. It was a great success! There were 240 people that registered and 144 that attended from across the community. Many participants completed the online survey and provided much insight and interest to continue holding events like this for our region. We are so excited about the future of this and have been brain-storming to bring it into fruition. Stay tuned! 

As a friendly reminder, we are still rolling out our Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (JEDI) survey to  organizations based in Benton and Franklin counties "Environmental Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion" Assessment Survey. This will assist with gathering a baseline of the Diversity, Equity, and inclusion (DEI) work being done in the bi-county area. Our goal is 200 surveys by the end of this calendar year, with an incentive of $100.00 each to the organizations that participate and have submitted their W-9 forms.

If you have any questions please contact Damia Safford at dsafford@gcach.org



Click here to purchase the book Echoes of Exclusion and Resistance, Voices from the Hanford Region

Click here to listen to the recording from the event on YouTube

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