February 28, 2019

GCACH Health Information Techonology (HIT) Initiatives Update

CSI Solutions Practice Transformation Reporting Platform

Greater Columbia ACH continues to work with CSI Solutions in relation to its contract for the Practice Transformation Reporting Platform. The Reporting Platform will be used by our contracted organizations undergoing Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) Practice Transformation. The site will include a web-page for reporting quarterly milestone deliverables, a landing page that will include resources relating to our Learning Collaboratives, a calendar of events and more. The GCACH web-page to be used for reporting will be considerably different than similar web-pages used by the other three ACHs in their implementation of the CSI Reporting Platform. Because of this, CSI will be contracting with outside consultants in the development process. This will push out the expected implementation date for the Reporting Platform to sometime in late March. We expect contract negotiations for this work to finalize mid-February.

DataMotion Direct Secure Messaging Interoperability

Greater Columbia ACH has identified the 23 Practice Transformation organizations as needing to receive or utilize direct secure messaging (DSM) technology to facilitate the interoperability of healthcare information. As the Practice Transformation providers are all clinical organizations, the technology will be linked into their Electronic Health Records (EHRs). Those currently utilizing DSM technology will rely on it for this purpose. We would like those organizations still needing DSM capabilities to contract with our chosen DSM vendor, DataMotion, using the Base Practice Transformation and Population Health Funds already distributed to these organizations. We also support the implementation of DSM technology within our regional EMS organizations and will make funding available to those organizations wishing to adopt it.