June 22, 2021

GCACH Funding Opportunity

GCACH Sponsorship Program - Notice of Funding Announcment (NOFA)


Greater Columbia Accountable Community of Health (GCACH) is seeking to provide financial assistance to organizations hosting events or leading community-based projects that align with our project areas and mission to advance the health of the population by decreasing health disparities, improving efficiency of health care delivery, and empowering individuals and communities through collaboration, innovation, and engagement. 

Please refer to the policy and application in the GCACH Sponsorship Packet (located in the Documents drop-down menu below). Sponsorship requests should not be less than $500 and should not exceed $5,000. Former Initatives we have contributed to include:

  • End of Life Conference - an event to to raise awareness and understanding on the complex issues in providing palliative and end of life care

  • Let's Taco Bout Mental Health - a community event to promote mental health awareness and reduce the stigma of mental illness

  • National Night Out - an event to generate awareness of the Washington State Opioid Response Plan

  • Ramp Team - a community-based project to build ramps for individuals who are disabled and homebound

Please contact Chelsea Chapman (cchapman@gcach.org) with any questions.