December 2, 2019

Community Resilience Campaign Update

Rubén Peralta, Community & Tribal Engagement Specialist

Earlier this year, the Community Resilience Campaign Task Force guided GCACH to focus on “community resilience” with an emphasis on Trauma Informed and Neuroscience, Epigenetics, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and Resilience (N.E.A.R.) science education and awareness. This focus seeks to build resilience at the community level targeting the societal systems that bear the responsibility of being/providing protective factors to raise resilient individuals with children and families as the main priority.
To complement the radio, television, digital, and print campaigns, we are also creating a landing page where people can go to learn more about what they just saw or heard in the media. The landing page will contain more information about ACEs and about how resilience can mitigate its effects and will be located on GCACH's current website ( Visitors will also learn how a person can build resilience and how they can help others to reach the goal of raising a resilient community. The landing page will also contain information about where to obtain resources or seek them for themselves.
GCACH staff and several task force members are also working on a plan to bring Trauma Informed and N.E.A.R science trainings/speakers to employees of systems who have the responsibility or opportunity to be and provide protective factors to children.      
The campaign is scheduled to launch on January 6, 2020.