June 3, 2019

CSI Reporting Portal Update

Wes Luckey, Deputy Director

For the last few weeks, the GCACH has been in the process of revising the reporting portal section of the CSI platform. Previously CSI converted the published Practice Transformation Toolkit Workbook into a reporting portal or web-form.

Following the conversion, GCACH took an extensive amount of time to debug and improve upon the reporting portal to ensure its accuracy and enhance its ease of use. This process has included an extensive exchange of emails and weekly online meetings with CSI to go over identified issues. 

The first quarter 2019 data for some of our Practice Transformation (PT) organizations has been already entered to test the system. Eventually, we will be inputting quarter one data for all PT organizations into the reporting portal. We anticipate that PT organizations will be able to view the data for their organization’s practice sites pre-populated with their previous quarter’s data. This will reduce the amount of data input needed by individual organizations; the organization can either simply accept the previous quarter’s results or revise it as needed to report recent activity. We also will be “test-driving” the reporting portal with two of our PT organizations in order to get their feedback. By mid-June 2019, we expect the reporting portal section to go live, and all PT organizations will be able to begin entering their second quarter 2019 data. 

As part of data governance for this process, the GCACH will be transmitting an End-User Agreement form to each PT organization. The form will be used to identify all individuals from within the PT organization who will be granted rights and privileges or permissions to access the reporting portal and enter data there. These same permissions will also allow access to a folder on the main page of the CSI platform where the PT organization’s program documents (e.g. Practice Transformation Implementation Workplan, completed assessments, contracts) will be stored.