September 24, 2021

Business Roadmap Approved by Board in September

The Roadmap for Greater Columbia Accountable Community of Health (GCACH) future was unanimously approved by the Board of Directors on September 16th!  What does that mean for GCACH?

  • Alignment with the Health Care Authority on programs and activities 2022+
  • Clarity on the three major services areas that will be provided by GCACH with estimated costs:
    • Practice Transformation & Accelerator Programs
    • Training & Professional Development
    • Care Coordination through Collaborative Initiatives
  • A new braided funding model to support the portfolio of services which includes contracts, fee-for-service, membership, and grants
  • Identification of major short-term activities and a timeline for operations, marketing, finance and governance structure
  • A clear value-proposition to guide GCACH into the future: GCACH convenes regional partners and invests in community solutions to advance population health and health equity

Carol Moser, Outgoing Executive Director, is very excited about GCACH’s Roadmap for the future, and know that the incoming Executive Director will be able to hit the ground running and fulfill the vision that GCACH developed for this region: The Greater Columbia Region is a vibrant, healthy community in which all individuals, regardless of their circumstances, have the ability to achieve their highest potential.