February 6, 2020

Building Community Resilience

Rubén Peralta, Community and Tribal Engagement Specialist

The Community Resilience Campaign Pilot launched January 13, 2020 in Yakima. The campaign’s purpose is to build resilience at the community level, targeting the societal systems that bear the responsibility of providing protective factors to raise resilient individuals. The campaign's focus is to raise awareness of trauma-informed practices as well as the N.E.A.R (neuroscience (brain function), epigenetics (gene evolution), ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences), resilience (the ability to bounce back from adversity)) science.
Within the first two weeks of launching the campaign pilot, GCACH has already achieved over 1,000 views on its buildingresiliencewa.org site. The site is also offered in Spanish, with over 930 users using this feature.
Advertisements for the campaign can be found on billboards, television, radio, digital and print media in Yakima. In addition to the media messaging component, GCACH is conducting in-person trainings to support the messaging, targeting childcare providers, educators, juvenile justice, the faith community, foster parents, and others.