July 9, 2021

Behavioral Health Internship and Training Program: Report-Out at August Leadership Council

The Behavioral Health (BH) internship and Training Program has been a success! 

In June 2020, GCACH provided nearly $850k in funding to over 19 organizations as a means to support new BH Internship positions in the area. Over 50 interns were hired across specialties including MS/MA counseling, MSW, Psychologist, CDPT, SUD Professionals. 

GCACH not only recognized the shortage in BH professionals in the region, but saw the opportunity to help connect students into the healthcare workforce. The intent of this program was to support organizations willing to precept, supervise, or train professionals seeking careers in behavioral health or having a behavioral health component who need clinical experience in order to complete their education and certification requirements. The goal of this program has been to increase the behavioral health professionals in the GCACH Region.

Interested in learning more? We have invited the organizations who participated in the program to speak to their experience at the Leadership Council on August 19, 2021. During that time, we will hear from the organizations about how they implemented this program, success stories, barriers encountered, and lesson learned. 

Please join us!