October 29, 2021

Addressing Social Determinants of Health in 2021

In October, GCACH had six of its Local Health Improvement Networks (LHIN) and four Third Party Administrators (TPAs) share success stories, project outcomes, and accomplishments during a two-hour convening. As trusted community members, LHINs help deliver monthly meetings to convene with local community members and organizations about health care needs and much more.

Each LHIN selects the social determinants of health (SDOH) they believe its respective county should be addressing. TPAs disperse funding through our community health fund to help support local projects and organizations aligned with the prioritized SDOH in that area. Helping bridge a gap between messaging and the community, the LHINS have played a vital role during COVID-19, addressing Mental Health, helping create coalitions, surveying the community, and much more. The TPAs have played a crucial role in helping disperse funding to many of these programs. Our LHINs and TPAs have demonstrated that no single sector or organization in a community can create transformative, lasting change in health and care alone.

A huge thanks to all LHINS for their 2021 Report Out:

  • Benton Franklin Community Health Alliance
  • Blue Mountain Regional Community Health Plan
  • Kittitas County Health Network
  • South East Washington Alliance Health Partnership
  • Whitman County Health Network
  • Yakima County Health Care Coalition

A huge thanks to our Third-Party Administrators for their 2021 Report Out:

  • Blue Mountain Community Foundation
  • Pullman Regional Hospital Foundation
  • Three rivers Community Foundation
  • Yakima Valley Community Foundation

We see all your continuous work and are excited to see what's to come!

Find the recording and presentations on our Leadership Council section.

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