December 7, 2021
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Budget & Funds Flow Committee Meeting

GCACH Committee Meeting

The purpose of the Budget and Funds Flow Committee is to:

  • Create policies and procedures for oversight and accountability of the funds flow accounting function, budgeting and reporting as required by GAAP, DSRIP, and all required external compliance.
  • Work with partner organizations to develop a sound, fair and equitable allocation methodology for DSRIP funds.
  • Submit draft allocation methodologies and other Funds Flow related items to the Finance Committee for review and recommendation to the Board of Directors.

Meetings occur virtually on the second Tuesday of the month. If you'd like to join the Budget & Funds Flow Committee, please contact Sula Savchuk (

Click here to learn about the Budget & Funds Flow Committee or to review materials from previous meetings.