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Welcome to Greater Columbia Accountable Community of Health! As you can see, Greater Columbia ACH encompasses a diverse geographic region of southern and southeast Washington, from the crest of the Cascade Mountains in the west to the Blue Mountains and Idaho border in the east. Our upland areas are forested while the lowland valleys of the Columbia, Snake, Yakima and Walla Walla Rivers provide an agricultural bounty to the state. How do you address the health issues in an area so large and diverse? By bringing people together who have a passion and a commitment to improving the conditions in which our citizens live, improving access to services, and understanding what the data can tell us about our population. We invite you to embark on this journey towards better health with us.

GCACH Project Areas: 

  • 2A: Bi-Directional Integration of Physical & Behavioral Health: The focus is to address physical and behavioral health needs through an integrated network, better coordination and seamless access. Target group: Medicaid clients with or at risk for mental illness and substance-use disorder. 

  • 2C: Transitional Care: The focus is to reduce aviodable admissions/readmissions to intensive care settings such as hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and prisons or jails. Target group: Medicaid clients including older adults discharged from hospital or sub-acute facility, clients with severe mental illness discharged from inpatient care, and clients returning to the community from prison or jail. 

  • 3A: Addressing the Opioid Crisis: The focus is to reduce opioid related morbidity and morality through prevention, treatment and recovery supports. Target group: Medicaid clinets, more particularly youth with dependence or prescription opioid and/or heroin. 

  • 3D: Chronic Disease Prevention & Control: The focus is prevention and treatment for chronic disease in relation to individuals with diabetes and obesity. Target group: Medicaid clients with greater than or equal to three years of Chronic Conditions and absence of PCP visits, greater than or equal to two (non-OB) admissions in the last year with priority of one in the last six months, greater than or equal to 6 ED visits in the last year, and greater than or equal to 5 prescription medications. 

Vision: The Greater Columbia Region is a vibrant, healthy community in which all individuals, regardless of their circumstances, have the ability to achieve their highest potential. 

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